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Where strategy, feasibility, and research meet technology.

KRNLS is a boutique firm that focuses on research, implementation, and the design of advanced technologies for community relevant placemaking and economic development. Organizations such as NASA, DARPA, Hyperloop Transportation Technology, and Radius Indiana have all chosen KRNLS for research, project management, and strategic development. Other government agencies such as the US Department of Defense, the borough of Wilkinsburg, and the City of Pittsburgh have also engaged KRNLS for large scale planning, implementation, and smart cities projects.



Co-founded by Olga Pogoda and Scot MacTaggart in 2017, KRNLS is located in Pittsburgh, PA and operates worldwide.



principal & co-founder


A believer in community-centric development, Olga leads each study and research project while also studying ethical tech development. Olga serves as an EIR at Carnegie Mellon University and has a deep love for all tea.



scot mactaggart

With a love for taking innovation to market and a track record of management and consulting, Scot is the co-founder that helped Olga to build KRNLS, and the wise counsel that helped Joel to learn the wonders of peaty scotch.


creative lead

alyssa andress

A big fan of design, Alyssa produces all video, photography, and graphics for KRNLS. Alyssa is the co-host of a podcast focused on sustainable fashion and is also a big fan of Harry Potter.

Natalie headshot sQ.png

director of design strategy

Natalie Stewart

With deep experience in both the nonprofit and for-profit realm, Natalie is an expert in UX design and data visualization. Natalie is an experienced website designer, a big fan of dumplings, and a world traveler, spending much time in the Middle East.


bids & proposals specialist

emily toal

Interested in the agtech work that KRNLS is doing, Emily joined the team to buff up her research and project management skills. Emily is interested in designing sustainable, regional food systems and loves experimenting with produce in her own kitchen. 



Stella Wang

Stella is interested in marketing analytics to analyze data, develop marketing campaigns, and branding. Also, she enjoys makeup, traveling, and doing yoga.



Sally Hsu

Passionate about brand marketing, Sally also loves to create creative marketing strategies and is interested in psychology marketing. Sally also enjoys watching movies, traveling, and going to Disneyland.