Here’s what we bring to the party:

  • Varied experience & past performance across industries

  • Proven management skills for both projects and operations

  • Collaborative, flexible approach - nothing “cookie cutter”

  • Comfort with government agencies and contracting

  • Enthusiastic client testimonials



Marketer, crowdfunder, maker, strategist

alyssa andress krnls creative.jpg


Creative, manager, photographer, strategist



Seller, organizer, podcaster, strategist


Olga has over 10 years of strategic analysis and management experience and has raised millions of dollars for various startups through various types of crowdfunding.

Olga is also known for project management, community building, handling the PR & community outreach for Nation of Makers, and for her work in representing the maker community to the White House and the Department of Defense during the Obama administration.

Olga serves on the board of Protohaven, a non-profit makerspace and Locally Grown, an economic development organization based in Wilkinsburg, PA. She deeply enjoys eating dessert and talking about nerdy stuff. Also, hot tea.

Alyssa Andress

Alyssa combines brilliant art and creative sense with operational know-how, thanks to a background that ranges from publishing to marketing and PR. She loves studying trends and best practices and DJ-ing those things into new fields.

Alyssa has helped to build and promote companies of all shapes and sizes, from small startups to large international firms, building huge audiences.

With a passion for the fashion industry, Alyssa looks forward to a time when all brands source their materials in sustainable and responsible ways. She is the host of The Influence, a podcast that discusses how fashion influences pop culture and vice versa.

One time, she tried kombucha.

Scot MacTaggart

Scot is best known as the host and producer of the popular Pitchwerks podcast on the Epicast Network, a weekly audio show that talks about sales, marketing and startups.

Scot has served in all kinds of sales, marketing, management, consulting and advisory roles over 20 years. He has developed strategies and messaging that propelled a range of companies from startups to long-established firms, primarily focusing on B2B technology, security, government and healthcare.

Scot thinks and speaks in a language of unexpected analogies, and burns through Diet Pepsi by the case.