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with a focus on population retention and smart city development

Whether you or your organization are thinking about talent retention or growth, or you are considering how smart city technology could better your neighborhood, KRNLS is happy to advise, develop, and implement the developed strategies. 

When thinking about the growth of a smaller city, our team considers how a singular space can draw people in and  attract new talent. A single innovation hub can retain many startups and entrepreneurs but with a thoughtful plan in advance, a city can grow by also providing livable real estate and nearby offices for new companies to grow. 


And if your city is already growing and the goal is more advancement, smart city technology can transform your city and your budget. Sensors and smart grids can provide benefits such as: preventative road maintenance, reduced power outages, reduced use of power through smart streetlights and traffic lights, as well as provide safety and anonamized community owned data through interactive information portals for each citizen. 

KRNLS is excited to provide this long-term strategic service to small towns, boroughs, and cities alike.