Build a community of support. Prove that there’s a market for your product. Raise some money.


product launch

Put the popularity of established crowdfunding marketplaces like Kickstarter and Indiegogo to work for you and your idea.

KRNLS helps innovators to bring new ideas to market and build traction independently, before seeking investor funding or acquisition.


non-profits & Social Projects

In addition to product launches, KRNLS has been proud to participate in charity and community-benefit crowdfunding projects as well.

KRNLS has helped with youth programs and with the construction of community resources, using specially selected platforms & methods to achieve results.


equity crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding became available to non-accredited investors when President Obama signed the JOBS Act in 2012, and the SEC implemented Title III in 2016.

KRNLS can advise and assist on the marketing constraints - as well as the legal and regulatory requirements that make equity crowdfunding different.