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understanding the region

and the best way to incorporate technology

When your organization chooses to engage KRNLS in a feasibility study, our team will work to understand your region and your specific needs first. Whether you are looking to build a simple makerspace to a more sophisticated innovation hub that includes co-working and business or food incubation, or you are looking for smart city solutions, our team will conduct an in-depth assessment to assure sustainability and long-term success. 

Our methodology and approach is specific to your organizational needs but typically includes deliverables such as: multiple site visits, a business plan with financial projections and staffing plan, best practice research, comparative data analysis, program development, site analysis, and advanced technology recommendations. We also provide highly interactive project mini websites that easily update your stakeholders, grant awarders, and potentially even regional population on the progress of the study. 

The KRNLS team will work closely with your organization or steering committee to provide a final report based on actual and accurate facts with visualized data analytics to help make sound decisions that you can trust. This report will be provided in a timely manor and is easily accessible, legible, and sharable.