100 Reasons to Come to the SimpleDog Party at Social Today

100 Reasons to Come to the SimpleDog Party at Social Today

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Here are 100 (ish) different reasons to come to the SimpleDog party today (7/27) at Social @ Bakery Square from 2-5, from the product to the party:

  • No clip to mess with, or get stuck in your dog’s hair

  • It’s super strong

  • It comes in pretty colors

  • Supported by your friends at KRNLS

  • Our whole team is going to be there

  • The leash is washable

  • Unlike crap leashes, this one has good tension control

  • Really soft hand feel

  • Indestructible connector

  • Pittsburgh-based company

  • Jonathan is a good dude

  • Bullseye Bombers is going to be there

  • You can get drink tickets for supporting SimpleDog

  • Dogtopia is going to be there

  • Back to the actual product, it’s lightweight so you don’t get that heavy arm feeling

  • Social is awesome

  • We are having pizza

  • There’s a gym nearby for when you’re feeling guilty about pizza

  • There’s other food around if you’re not about that pizza life

  • It’s a sunny day

  • People are bringing their dogs

  • Parking is free and easy

  • Clips can actual yank out your dog’s fur

  • You’re a pretty good person

  • You socialize well

  • You hate when dog fur gets pulled out

  • There’s a ping pong table

  • And a covered patio thing

  • SimpleDog leashes are better when your hands are full

  • No one who plays for the New England Patriots has a SimpleDog leash

  • 100 reasons is difficult to get to

  • Social has a lot of beers

  • If you hang out near Google, Ascender, and UPMC Enterprises, you get smarter

  • Let’s face it it’s not worth counting these lines

  • The weirdest thing we learned was that SimpleDog leashes reduce leg-tangle accidents

  • Leashes are generally easy to use, but this one’s “easy easy”. And that’s real shit right there.

  • Arthritis sufferers do not want to mess with leashes

  • Arthritis sufferers love dogs though

  • Jonathan spent almost 2 years on market research, design and production

  • Jonathan deserves to be repaid for all that effort

  • I’m going to call this 100

  • You’re not really with me anymore anyway

  • I should probably say something about how compact the leash is, for pockets and purses

  • We also learned that retractable leashes cause injuries when the mechanism fails

  • A clipless leash is actually really easy for blind people too

  • SimpleDog leashes show off how smart you are

  • Rust is ugly looking

  • Just come to the party

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